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I love this site. You are a very unique collection of talent!

Hello, I was somewhat suprised to read your note regarding the Capua refugee camp. I was unable to see your name anywhere but I would very much like to get in contact with you. My name is Eva Maria Dixon (nee Fenyvesi) and I also lived in Capua from Sep 72 until Mar 73 after I escaped from Hungary.
I would be delighted to hear from you.
--- mk: But what is your e-mail address?

Looking at the photo's of Bratsk brought many good memories. We were there in 1995 working and lived on Vozrezhdenja St.
We hold the people of Bratsk in our hearts. Katie Anderson John Day, Oregon

Dobry den pene Kolar, lepsi asi bude ahoj-ne? Mam ne tebe otazku, spise prozbu. Prosim te nevis o nejakem kontaktu na praci na Aljasce? Zajma mne prace na rybarske lodi. Ja jsem uz 9 mesicu v Canade v Torontu a leto bych uz rad stravil na Aljasce. Predem dekuji za odpoved. Michal ma adr. michal_doubek @ A jeste jednou diky!

Nadhera... Prodavam a castecne vyrabim hlavolamy, dnes jsem hledal par informaci kvuli navodu na vez a nasel jsem tuto zajimavou stranku. Snad me to trochu postrci učit se více anglicky. Pokracujte, drzim palce Matěj Vavříček (

Hi Miro! Just dropping a note to say thanks for keeping the pictures and memories of Bike Atlanta alive. We have a few pictures at . We have moved back to Winnipeg and would like to see you. Great web site! Cheers Derek and Bethan (d_brewin(at)

Hello, my last name is also Kolar and my brother and I are planning on visiting the Czech Republic after college. The pictures were great. vicar01 @

Hi! i really enjoyed the games... thanks!

Hi from udine Italia
e.....Forza udinese

Much thanks. good job. I'm looking for a guest book like you have this for this web site:

Your beautiful pics of Manitoba really did this homesick exile's heart good. Thank you.

Very nice work!

Hello Miroslav, have just read your article on Siberia in particular Bratsk - I belong to an organization that will be bring a number of children from that area to Australia for a seven week 'health holiday' and I am sure that the host parents will find your site very interesting to read. The carer who will come with the children is also from Siberia from the City of Banurul. Thank you for an ubiased look at these cities. Keep up the good work. Lynn (Australia)

OK, Miroslav, Thank you for your consideration and the time you spent for me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! You are the nicest person I ever knew. Your Big Problem again.

You write about Latina and Capua. I was there in 1967. I was a student in Prague. I went down to Istria and crossed to Italy to Trieste. The memories have faded partly but I still remember the camp, the food, the long wait to hear from the authorities, walking to town and back, hanging out with friends, planning our future in a world we did not understand. Andrew Meszaros, amesz @

send u tell me the problem facing is with the tower of hanoi, the objektif, scope, type of users, please. thanks

Can you send me a copy of the Tower of Hanoi code (Iterative version) in regular C++ code rather than the condensed C version that you have so that I can understand the algorithm better. Thanks. Kenneth, bykst @

I just stumbled onto your webpage when i was looking up information on central Italy - specifically where capua and latina are located with respect to the latest earthquakes. My family and I were there while emigrating to Canada also from the Czech Republic between 1982 and 1983. Reading your comments and experiences about the place definitely brought back all sorts of memories. I was too young to really appreciate the history and natural beauty of the place, but too old to block out other realities. Yes, the dogs, I do remember those..... Budikova, dbudiko @

I would like to ask if i know the IP address and the hour that someone was in from this ip address, can i find more info about him? Please mail me at n_markakis @

These Tower thngs are really neat and challenging! I like that you can see the solution easly. Its really neat and mathmatically challenging!

My last name is also Kolar I am Boheimian My Email is Mitchell_K_2001 @ was looking up my last name and came across your site yahoo has a kolar faimly site in there groups and clubs we might be related

I quite accidentally came across your website, but was very interested in your pictures of Manitoba. I'm living in the US now, but some of the pictures of Winnipeg were taken very near to where I grew up. You focused on areas that were not "touristy" and that gave me new appreciation of the city, not to mention new information.

Hello Miro, Remember two Bike Atlantans - Bethany Hansen and Nestor Panganiban?? We were looking through your web-site and decided to check your contact information. HELLO! Bethany´s email is bj_hansen @ and Nestor´s is panganiban @ !!! How are you?

Greetings from Saskatchewan.

Hello from Jackson Michigan, I would like to congratulate you on your site. I found it most informative. I have been working on a different approach to the problem which clssifies the moves in groups of move# mod 3. gdetlefs @

Greetings from Tübingen, Germany, and thanks for your Hanoi Page.
I just wrote a little Hanoi with 7 disks in Tcl/Tk. If you like, you can download it at:; now:
sternber @

To see the multi-peg applet, go to E-mail me at mathman2001 @

I have developed a multi-peg Towers of Hanoi applet. It uses my version of the "presumed optimal" algorithm, this one being different from the one Mr. Lu uses. This applet won fifth place in the "Quest for Java" competition.

Can you send me a copy of the Tower of Hanoi code (Iterative version) in regular C++ code rather than the condensed C version that you have so that I can understand the algorithm better. Thanks. Asok Sarkar rkerns @

Love pstree, but having trouble getting clean copy of htmltree. Anyone, can you email it to: james.marchetti @ Thanks, Jame

Greetings! You have made my day! I work in Pinawa 20 days each year and I fish there (unsuccessfully!) often in the summer. I have enjoyed looking at your brilliant photographs and reading your accounts of beavers. My bookmarks were wiped out a few days ago, and I have been searching in vain for the site where I could click a button to feed hungry people. I was delighted to find it on your home page. Thank you! I saw our mutual friends, Remo and Chun recently. Thanks again for the great Pinawa material on display. I recognize many of the rocks and areas from my travels by car and boat. Merry Christmas! -Bill Stevens in Winnipeg

Hi Miroslav, it has been a long time since we heard from you how are you doing, can you call me or e-mail me asp. I have something I want to discuss with you, thanks, James JMMORDEN @ HOME.COM

You should add the URL to the list of web pages describing the puzzle. Yours Apostolos Syropoulos

Dear Mr. Kolar

I would really appriciate if you could help me out with my Towers of Hanoi project at school, I have read through your pages about the problem, but I don't

Mr. Kolar,
Please correct the reference in your pages to my book: A theory of Direct Democracy. It is published in English and being translated to Czech, Italian, Greek, and Korean languages. See my Web-site:

I would be gratefull if you help us diffussing our web: "Agora":

Mate moc hezkou stranku, pane Kolari (nebo Kolar^i?). Nasel jsem ji nahodou, zajima mne Aljaska a vsechno kolem ni, takze mne sem privedly vase komentare k lososi valce.
Zdravi Vas Emil Huber, VSCHT Praha

Hello from a fellow "Habitat

Dear Webmaster, I am advertising a new Ukrainian Web Site for the HOOSLI UKRAINIAN FOLK ENSEMBLE, and I would like to hear your opinion on it. The URL is: If you enjoy the site and would like to add it to your links, please do so by all means. As well if you would like your site, or another one you know that is Ukrainian related to be added to our links, please forward the URL to: burdc @
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We were in the CR last year and had some wonderful big cookies that we bought on the street in Marinbad. They were very crisp with a little filling in the middle. I would like to make them and I don't

Dear Mr. Kolar: We are intersted in starting a business using the people from the Czech republic and wanted to know if you could help. Please write back as my address is jdewolf1 @ Thanks

Congratulations on a fine set of pages and an impressive round up of "Towers of Hanoi" links, you might consider a link to my 3D Towers of Hanoi implementation in VRML.

Yours, Andrew Cumming

Done, mk

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