Images of southeastern Manitoba

Part 1

The leaves stayed long on the trees in the fall of 1996 in the Whiteshell region, and their colours were especially beautiful. This picture was taken in Pinawa in the first week of October.

View south of the bridge over the Winnipeg River on the only access road to Pinawa (Oct. 7 1996).

On the next page you will see how this place (the other side of the bridge, to be precise) can look in winter.

During the following month the winter slowly started to arrive in the form of occasional snow showers. This picture shows how a Winnipeg street looked exactly one month later, On Nov. 7 on the morning after the first major snowfall that dumped 15 cm of wet snow on the region. The trees remained decorated with snow like this for many days because later that day the temperature plunged below the freezing point and stayed there for the winter.