Trip to the southwest tip of the Great Baikal Lake


  1. Kirill, Tanya, Yura and his car
  2. Smoked fish vendors above Kultuk
  3. Baikal's western-most tip at Kultuk
  4. Going through Kultuk
  5. A statue overlooking Baikal past Slyudyanka
  6. View towards the north shore
  7. A shipwreck called Titanik
  8. Icicles at the bow of "Titanik"
  9. There seems to be nothing across the bay
  10. But let's zoom on the tip of that peninsula
  11. A person is standing there in the water
  12. Holding something in his hands
  13. It looks like a scoop ...
  14. ... and a pail
  15. He is collecting something from the surface
  16. It's the tiny Baikal shrimp "gammarus"
  17. Now he is joined by another fisherman
  18. They will use the collected shrimp as fish-bait
  19. And what's that tiny black spot on the horizon?
  20. Is it perhaps a UFO?
  21. Or a small boat?
  22. Visiting nearby alpine ski resort in Utulik
  23. Returning to the "UFO" spot after 2 hours ...
  24. ... reveals a boat with two oars ...
  25. ... bobbing on the waves
  26. Buryat fishermen with very long rods
  27. A few more
  28. Me and the waves
  29. An old house in Kultuk
  30. And one more
  31. Last view of Baikal on our way back to Irkutsk