The people of Bratsk


  1. Anastasya with Murzik the cat
  2. Natasha
  3. Natasha
  4. Natasha and Sergei
  5. Olga and Alexej
  6. Alexej with his parents
  7. The whole family gathers for dinner
  8. Eating pelmeni with Alexander
  9. Pelmeni were prepared by his wife Nadezhda
  10. He was showing me old family photos
  11. People going to work/school in the morning (7:45)
  12. It was a busy corner
  13. Some were leaving by car
  14. A mother with a child
  15. A similar couple later on (10:30 am)
  16. Finally home
  17. Two older ladies
  18. Another mother and child
  19. In a hurry
  20. It was rather cold
  21. Loaded with bags
  22. A grandmother
  23. Lady with a dog