Irkutsk in winter


  1. Downtown Irkutsk viewed across Angara from the west
  2. Renovation almost finished
  3. On the tram: "Happy New Year, dear Irkutskians"
  4. On the tram: "Our beloved city is 340!"
  5. The main means of transportation are minibuses
  6. These minibuses called "route-taxis"
  7. Park next to the theatre
  8. A nice house next to it
  9. Museum of history
  10. Museum of history
  11. The Siberian White House
  12. Monument on the Angara embankment
  13. Monument on the Angara embankment
  14. Promenade along the Angara embankment
  15. Urickogo Street pedestrian zone (Irkutsk Arbat)
  16. is leading onto the Central square
  17. A nearby quiet street
  18. Street stands in the market area
  19. Entrance to the Chinese market
  20. Street with tramway tracks
  21. Horses escaped from the Decembrist museum
  22. Church across Angara in a hole in thick fog