The famous village of Listvyanka on the shore of Lake Baikal


  1. Baikal shore in winter
  2. Icicles from the centre of the previous frame
  3. Eastward direction to the Listvyanka village
  4. Pebbles and clear water on the beach
  5. Westward direction to the Angara outlet
  6. Tourist base between the Museum and the village
  7. Palatial homes of newly rich people along the road
  8. Smoked fish (omul) vendors in the Listvyanka square
  9. Their means of transportation
  10. Passengers embarking from the Olkhon Island ferry
  11. Going home when buyers ready to leave by bus
  12. Views from the bus
  13. on my way
  14. through the
  15. twilight of
  16. the progressing
  17. evening
  18. were
  19. spectacular