Ulan-Ude and the its main dacan (Buddhist monastery)


  1. In the minibus to the Dacan
  2. Views from the minibus
  3. through a tiny hole
  4. cleared in the frosty window
  5. Fell asleep
  6. Passing through a village
  7. Approaching the mountains
  8. Almost there
  9. Monks residences in the dacan
  10. Monks residences in the dacan
  11. Various buildings on the dacan campus
  12. The main temple from behind
  13. A monk
  14. Colourful windows
  15. Another nice building
  16. The main temple with one of the two guarding tigers
  17. A row of prayer mills on the left
  18. The main temple close-up
  19. The main temple close-up
  20. Dacan's museum
  21. Museum exhibit
  22. Museum exhibit
  23. Museum exhibits
  24. Museum exhibit
  25. Museum exhibit - in memory of Boris Jelcin's visit
  26. Sergej is working a large prayer mill
  27. Largest Lenin head in the world
  28. Russian and Buryat flags above the government building
  29. One of Ulan-Ude's main streets
  30. Buryat girls
  31. 19th century "shopping centre"
  32. Adjacent park
  33. Returning from shopping
  34. Olga and Sergej
  35. Sergej
  36. Olga