A phone-in show at the Irkutsk government radio


  1. View of the recording studio from the sound operator room
  2. Tatyana chatting with guests before the show
  3. On the left are the two guests from the City Hall
  4. Getting ready
  5. The shows starts!
  6. Listening to a radio listener's question
  7. Answering the question
  8. The sound controls
  9. The break after the first, all-live part
  10. Sasha, an announcer, peeks into the operator room
  11. Tatyana also comes out during a long pre-recorded piece
  12. Rewinding sound tapes
  13. Waiting for the operator's signal
  14. Operator signals the beginning of the next piece
  15. Concentrating on the announcement
  16. Joking with the operator
  17. Joking with the operator
  18. Joking with the operator
  19. Joking with the operator
  20. Showing off the guests after the show
  21. Sasha in his own recording studio
  22. Sasha in his own recording studio
  23. Sasha in his own recording studio
  24. Tatyana in her office after the show
  25. Sasha came over, too