Exploring different routes onto the ridge above uptown Elkford - Sep. & Oct. 2020

• Yellow continuous routes/segments: easily passable in the present state (without any clearing).
° Yellow dotted routes/segments: obstructed by heavy deadfall, slow progress.
• Light-blue route: winter snowshoe route (broken in January 2021).
° Short light-blue arrows indicate that one can get in this area onto the Ridge in many different places (so far I made it in 3 different places on snowshoes, and when hiking earlier in the fall in two other more southern spots and in another two more northern ones).
• Red numbers 1 - 6: trail-heads accessible by cycling or skiing; 1 - 3 also by driving.
° I have marked all trail-heads 1 to 5 by orange tape flags in November. Trail-head 6 is obvious.
useable routes ter
The same plotted on the satellite image map:
useable routes sat
It is based on my Sep. & Oct. hikes: