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To start, click on a button inside the minimized videos below. It may take time, depending on your Internet speed, before a video loads and starts playing.
To pause/stop the play, click on the button.
The Video Playback Speed indicator (1x, 2x, ... between the and buttons) always shows the speedup/slowdown with respect to the real-time cycling speed.

Part 1: Time series with frames 22 sec apart:
Duration: 5 min 11.25 sec (covers a period of 1 hour 39 min 09 sec, of that 1 h 31 min 9 sec of cycling)
Part 2: Real time video:
Duration: 4 min 25 sec
Part 3: Time series with frames 22 sec apart:
Duration: 1 min 32.5 sec (covers period of 33 min 44 sec, of that 27 min 8 sec cycling, the rest are unrecorded stops)

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