Old disintegrating tree trunk in Quathiaski Cove after 7 years, Jan. 7, 2022

It is a dead tree with broken-off top that I have been observing for over 10 years now. Pieces of decaying wood are slowly falling from its trunk and forming a big mound around it. There was a little growth of huckleberries, salmonberries and cedar shoots on its flat top. After a big windstorm during the night of Dec. 8 to 9, 2014, a large chunk, weighing hundreds of kilograms, split off the side of the upper part of this dead tree. The pictures of this fallen off chunk with half of the shrubs growing on its top are here (clicking on them will open a window with their high-resolution versions). The view of the top after this violent event is then here, still having some remaining growth. Since then the slow decaying process has resumed, with no signs of further big chunks falling off (not able to check it on a daily basis since I've moved away from Quadra in 2016). It may take many more decades before the whole remaining trunk stub completely disintegrates, and possibly centuries(?) before only a small hump remains from this tree on the forest floor (i.e., if this forest is not cut down in the meantime, and developed into new residential area - something that's been talked about from time to time).

So the overall view of this dead tree has not changed much since Dec. 9, 2014. Except that all the growth from its top seems to be gone. How it looks now can be seen in the pictures below, taken from 3 different directions on Jan. 7, 2022. Again clicking on these pictures will open their larger versions. (It would be best to view those on a large monitor, not a small phone screen :-) )

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