1. Cambridge May Balls
  2. Palace of the Prince of Liechtenstein in Vaduz
  3. Ascent of Piz Mezdi (2888.5 m), Switzerland
  4. My nephew's wedding in Czechia
  5. Sandstone rocks in Northern Czechia
  6. Theatre performance in the cellars of the ruins of the Kuneticka hora castle
  7. The illuminated castle from outside
  8. Granite Rocks west of Lake Baikal, Siberia
  9. Hiking through a tunnel (Circum-Baikal railway)
  10. Between two tunnels (Circum-Baikal railway)
  11. Caterpillars of these beautiful butterflies ate all birch tree leaves
  12. Inside another of the 39 tunnels
  13. Gulls
  14. A young gull
  15. Bridges built 1905 and 1912
  16. An old 1905 steel bridge
  17. Cooking our meals
  18. Railway/hiking trail from the top of a tunnel
  19. Continuing by train
  20. Our tent below the Skriper Mountain
  21. Wild carnations in the woods above
  22. Baikal beach
  23. Two sailboats overnighted near our beach
  24. Many different ships ply the Baikal waters
  25. A larger cruise ship ...
  26. ... is heading for this penninsula
  27. View of the Bolshie Koty-Listvyanka coast from the crest
  28. Me on board of a Raketa (travelling at 70 km/h on submerged wings) ...
  29. ... on the Angara River
  30. Arriving to the Irkutsk port
  31. A beautiful late evening in Listvyanka
  32. A Siberian family gathering
  33. Preparing an outdoor dinner at a cottage (dacha)
  34. Russian ball game of "kozel"
  35. Leaving Irkutsk by plane - Angara remains far below
  36. Inside of a Moscow hotel
  37. Leaving Prague by bus
  38. Leaving Calais on a ferry before 3 am
  39. Aproaching Dover

Video clips:

My nephew's wedding - interrupted by volunter firefighters My nephew's wedding - dancing heats up
Campfire concert, Czechia
Circum-Baikal railway: from the train - clip 1 Circum-Baikal railway: from the train - clip 2
Circum-Baikal railway: from the train - clip 3 Circum-Baikal railway: from the train - clip 4
Circum-Baikal railway: from the train - clip 5 From Bolshie Koty to Cape Skriper by a small boat