Hike to the Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Aug. 14-18, 2004

For now at least:

View of the Olkhon Gate Narrows, Aug. 14, 2004

Click here to view a larger-scale picture (12236x600 pixels; 640.4 kB)

Click here to view a larger-scale picture (700x220 pixels; 50 kB) of the Sakhyurta ferry terminal

The Olkhon Gate Narrows separates the Olkhon Island from the "mainland".
The view above is from a small rocky point protruding somewhat into the Olkhon gate narrows between the Sakhyurta village fishing port and the Sakhyurta ferry terminal. The panorama starts on the left with the Sakhyurta village and its fishing port. In the middle is the view of the Olkhon Island across the Olkhon Gate Narrows. Somewhat to the right of the centre is the Olkhon Island ferry terminal. On the very right on a separate photo is the Sakhyurta (mainland) ferry terminal.
An even larger resolution picture of our bus being loaded on the ferry at the Sakhyurta ferry terminal (2204x800 pixels; 197 kB) is here.

More to come ...

Siberia 2004-05