The centre of Kazan, G.G. Kamal Theatre and Square, Pedestrian Zone, Sept. 27, 2018

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Kamal Theatre
Kamal Theatre (Tatar National Theatre), established in 1906,
current building completed in 1986
Kamal Theatre video
Video (12MB) of the 360° view of the Kamal Theatre square
Lake Kaban
Lake Kaban
TatEnergo - Tatarstan's electrical and central heating company

Pedestrian-only Bauman street:

G.G. Kamal's 1902 residence in the Old Tatar Quarter nearby

Pharmacy named "Soviet Pharmacy" promising old low Soviet prices
From the theatre season opening in the Kamal Theatre on Oct. 6., 2018:
The season opened with a very good performance of "Is This Also Life?" - a play dealing with cultural conflicts in the Tatar society at the turn of the 20th century. The theatre offers a simultaneous translation into Russian and English delivered through an earphone available at every seat.

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