Nanaimo a day after a record snowfall on Dec. 18, 2008

Nanaimo had hardly any noticeable snowfall in the decade prior to 2006. Therefore the city and mainly its residents are not particularly prepared for such big snowfalls when snow remains on the ground for days.

Snow accumulated on top of a big hanging bird-feeder:

We had relatively warm weather before this snowfall, and I was harvesting (the wonderful two-crop) raspberries until December 15. A few last remaining ones are now solidly frozen above the piles of snow:

A city street covered by slushy snow:

Minor accidents occur easily in such conditions:

A trail near the Brannen Lake looks like a scene from the Rockies:

Skiing onto (the dock in) the Brannen Lake:

Nanaimo Parkway with Mount Benson in the background:

Trees and sky:

January 3, 2009: Statistics are in:
2008 set a new all-time record for the total snowfall in December, 118.4 centimetres - all of that fell between Dec. 13 and 31. And on Dec. 20, the lowest temperature of -20°C tied the previously recorded all-time lowest temperature in Nanaimo.

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