Interplay of light and waves

Twigs and light stripes on the bottom Whitish twigs striped of bark by beavers, and sunlight concentrated by wave crests into bright traces on the stony river bottom near point 3.

November 2, 1998

Also all the other pictures on this page, except for the last one, are views from roughly the same spot.

November 12, 1998

Rocks and waves
Clouds, rocks and sun reflection Morning, November 17, 1998
Detail of the swirling water around one of the rocks.

Morning, November 27, 1998

Eddies and light
Starlets on water Morning, November 27, 1998

Cold scaly water View from a steep slope relatively high above the river a few hundred meters south of point 3 - from a place already south of the small island shown near the southern end of the map. That distant object near the center of the picture is another such islet.

The picture was taken on November 12, 1998, when the first serious attempt at the beginning of winter took place. There was some snow on the ground, temperature was -16°C, and strong and cold wind was blowing from the other side of the river, and I got very cold up there. It was a big change from when only a little more than two weeks ago I had been sitting there at the water edge just in my swimming suit at unseasonal +24°C. The wind gusts covered the river surface with tiny wavelets which made it look like the scaly body of a carp. On some other pictures taken that day (e.g., on the next page, or two pages back), such water surface illuminated by scattered sunlight coming from the opposite direction from the clear southwest portion of the sky, also looks like a plane covered by wind-compacted snow, on the surface of which the wind can create very similar but frozen wavelets.

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