Group of rocks next to point No. 3

The water level below the Seven Sisters Falls dam (see the power station atop this dam in the background of the first picture below, and on many other photos on these pages) fluctuates somewhat during the day and throughout the year depending on the immediate demand for electric energy, and on the amount of precipitation in the region. As a consequence, the rocks stick out above the water to a little bit different height each time. This is an additional variable compared to the Rock Garden of Kyoto.

Rocks at 3 November 4, 1998
November 5, 1998 Rocks at 3
View from point 3 to the south November 5, 1998
November 12, 1998 Rocks at 3
Rocks and beaver at 3 That black elongated
object in the water, roughly
in the middle of the picture,
is a swimming beaver.
November 16, 1998

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