Shingle Spit Trail, Hornby Island, July 19, 2014

Hornby Island has a wonderful network of bicycle and hiking trails concentrated mostly in the two parks, Mt. Geoffrey Regional and Mt. Geoffrey Escarpment, around Hornby Island highest peak Mt. Geoffrey, 309 m a.s.l. The two Escarpment trails, Shingle Spit and Middle Bench, lead directly to/from the Shingle Spit ferry terminal. The lower lying Shingle Spit Trail closely follows the shore - its highest elevation a.s.l. is about 50 m - but it still provides nice views on the waters between the Hornby and Denman Islands. Below are views of the Shingle Spit ferry terminal in the late afternoon sun with the Denman and Vancouver Islands in the background, a middle section of the trail, and the other end of the trail near the Ford's Cove:

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