A few impressions and photos from my summer European vacations

September 9, 1998 Mnohem detailnější ČESKÁ verze

I have used all my accumulated vacation and personal business days, and set off on June 24 with my daughters Eva and Zuzana once more for Europe. The first 14 days we toured mainly France and Italy in a rented car, and the next month we spent in Czechia and its vicinity.

Visit to a shepherd's hut in Transcarpathian Ukraine
Zuzana on Europe.
Carpatho-Rusyns and their history

My caricature by a young Spanish painter, produced in front of the closed-for-repairs Centre Pompidou.
Almost surrealist picture conjured by setting sun in the court of the famous Louvre
Beach in Annecy, France
Bridge on the autostrada leading from the Rhône river valley over the Simplon Pass into Italy
A quiet canal in Venice, Italy; not too far from the famous bustling Piazza San Marco, but such a different quiet place.
Young "tramps" dressed in medieval garb setting camp on the Radhošt mountain, Moravia, Czechia.
Our first camp in Transcarpathian Ukraine
Free ranging horses browsing on a Carpathian polonina (tree-less flat ridge)
View of an orthodox church from a narrow-gauge logging train
Village houses are mostly wooden
For more detailed comments to the above photos, and impressions from various parts of our trip, you may try to read a machine translation of my much more detailed Czech version of this page At least some of it should be understandable.