Humankind's Top Priority in my view is:
To End Wars

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. Major General Smedley Butler - Canadian network of peace and disarmement initiatives
Dayton Peace Museum   Tehran Peace Museum
International Network of Museums for Peace
Who is responsible for the war? (Universal soldier? Or are they the victims?)  
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The soldiers will not end the wars by themselves, it is against their vested interest. Read my discussion with a military academy student illustrating this point (their strange claim: general mutual comprehensive disarmament would lead to an extreme risk of attack!?).

Plea for reorientation from war to peace: Unknowledgeable, civilizationally-retarded US Presidents and Members of Congress accord higher priority to WAR and to perpetuating WAR SYSTEMS to KILL PEOPLE, rather than to advancing well-being of citizens and promoting PEACE.                 Veterans against Nuclear Arms

Nuclear terror 'matter of time'

We, all the people of this planet have to require that wasting the results of our work on arms production be stopped. We all have to feel first of all as the citizens of the Planet Earth. Together we could achieve this goal, together we could achieve all we wanted. Humankind should set for itself as a long-term goal the elimination of most of its weapons. I believe a vast majority of the people want that, we just have to voice our opinions more loudly. Read for example this letter.
Some more suggestions what to do.

Below are some links on the Kosovo and the Iraq wars to illustrate the problems. These are just two conflicts I heard most about where I live. All the use of violence everywhere on Earth is equally abhorrent and should be documented and criticized. It is just beyond the power of one person to do it all. All the people have to join.

Project Ploughshares                 War is Not the Answer (International Stupidity)

Georgia-Russia conflict, August 2008

EUROPE FOR PEACE - Europe free from nuclear weapons

Standing Women - May 13 (Mothers Day) action for peace

Translators for Peace

International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases


Do not bomb Iran, integrate Iran into the world, use diplomacy to prevent Iran getting the bomb!
Stop A War From Occuring in Iran - Myspace group
No war in Iran


The American Century Is Over

My March 2003 page on the Iraq war

The Iraq "problem" was created mainly by the previous actions of the US government (see the links above). Correcting their previous mistakes by staging the 2003 war was an even bigger mistake. In 2003, Iraq had not posed any danger to the outside world. Since the beginning of the war, about 20,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed (and enormous destruction brought on the whole country). Saddam's regime was already under tight international scrutiny, and it was in the stage when it could be removed internally or gradually transformed into something more benign if the steady but non-violent international pressure would continue. It is hard to imagine that during such a transformation the regime would dare to inflict on the Iraqi population anything comparable to what it suffered since the beginning of the American "liberation."
In any case, the first officially stated US goal of the Iraq war was to destroy the weapons of mass destruction. When none were found, the removal of Saddam Hussein was cited as the main goal. This was also achieved long time ago. Now the Americans should leave it up to the Iraqis to decide their own future and the type of the society they want. They should leave as soon as possible, or at least ask the Iraqis in a genuine referendum if they want them to stay longer. If they are sincere about promoting democracy, that is the only way to go.


The ancient conflict in Kosovo flared up mainly because the foreign powers wanted to have obedient governments in the Balkans, and because of the easy availability of arms:

The world would become a much better place if everybody made it a habit to try to imagine the state of mind of others, including their opponents and enemies. You don't have to agree with them or condone their acts, just try to understand their motives. In order to avoid making decisions that could further escalate various conflicts. Let's try to make the transition from the adversarial to a cooperative world.

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