Images of southeastern Manitoba

Part 4

The first Canada geese returning after a long winter from the south still found most of the water surface in Pinawa covered by ice on April 21, 1996.
It is estimated that there are about 90 million geese in North America at present, more than at the time of the Columbus's arrival. This is due to many conservation projects that succeeded to protect enough places where they can stop and
rest during their migrations. One such place is the Oak Hammock Marsh north of Winnipeg that lies on one of the major southward fall migration routes. On the left a mixed flock of Snow geese and Canada geese are feeding on Oct. 14 1996 on the so called "lure crops" planted on several hundred hectares around the Marsh to provide food for the geese and to keep them away from the surrounding farms.

Deer graze on the first spring grass growing just a few centimeters from the window of my apartment in Pinawa (April 28, 1996).

These are wild deer who are continually checking on any suspicious noises and movements around them while grazing, ready to take off when they perceive any danger. This one was checking on my movements behind the window as I was trying to find the best position for taking her picture.