Images of southeastern Manitoba

Part 5

This picture shows my favourite swimming route in the Winnipeg River at Pinawa: it leads from the point from which the picture was taken straight ahead to the leftmost of the three little islands (it is against the current - quite strong in some places, although the water surface seems to be rather still when viewed from a distance), then across the strong current to the middle little island (may be impossible to get there when the water level is especially high and currents too fast), and then with the current along the centre of the river on the right of the picture as long as I like it (and then I was returning along the riverbank on foot back to the starting point). Taken after one of my last swims of the summer on Sept. 8, 1996 - by the middle of September, the water becomes too cold for swimming.

And here, you can see in detail the starting point of this swimming route - a beautiful outcrop of smooth rosy granite, characteristic of the Whiteshell region.