Group of rocks from the southeastern corner of the map

Whenever I look at the granite rocks sticking out above the surface of the Winnipeg River near the Pinawa bridge, they remind me of the Rock Garden of the Zen Buddhist temple Ryoan in the city of Kyoto, Japan. Several photos of this garden were supposed to appear in another, third, window (if nothing appeared for whatever reason, click on Show Ryoan in the menu on the right; if that had no effect, click here). According to one of several interpretations, this garden represents a model of the world having the power to inspire people to meditate about life.

It seems to me as if the nature used the Rock Garden of Kyoto as a blueprint for the placement of the rocks sticking out from the Winnipeg River. The group of rocks shown on this page reminds me the most of the model of the world perfected for centuries by Buddhist monks in the Ryoanji temple.

These pictures were taken in a short period of 10 days. The same place in the river looks different each time, depending on the time of the day and the season of the year, on the amount of sunlight, on the extent and type of the cloud cover, or on the direction and speed of wind. It is not easy to catch it all well in photographs, the reality is usually even more beautiful.

Note, how much mutually different are also the pictures of the same Rock Garden in the Ryoanji window taken by different people under apparently different atmospheric conditions.

Rocks in south November 2, 1998
November 4, 1998 Rocks in south
Rocks in south November 5, 1998
November 12, 1998 Rocks in south in "scaly" water
Rocks in south in snow-covered-plane-like water November 12, 1998

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